Mi Yuming

Solo Exhibition :  May 3 - June 9 , 2012

Work is my Vessel  - - Mi Yuming's Artist Statement

With the gorgeous turning of Modern Art and Post- Modern Art, as an art practitioner,I am always at a loss for
a suitable word to describe the numerous, complicated and beautiful world. A few years ago I learned in a book
that the concept of Super Modern Time was first put forward in the two fields of philosophy and sociology in France 
This brand-new concept uplifts the luxury popular-culture and individual social status to a philosophical perspective.
I label this bustling and vibrant post-industrial society as Super Modern Society inspired by the above idea. And then
a series of visible creation are created about this super-modern society.

Started to try some experimental video art from the year of 2005. Video is another medium that I use to master my
art, which is that it has been an important means of contemporary material and spirit consumption by its common
and plausible face. But in my opinion, it is very true and impressive because people portray the light and shadow,
and transmits the image by their most genuine eyes and heart behind cold monocular machines. Image is not only
one of the most acceptable artistic expressive ways, but also a significant means to tell changes and developments
of the civil society, and to record the history and future. In real life, most people think that they can grasp the real
world by turning on the TV or other similar media, but they may not realize the world they see is often manipulated
by politics and business.

As citizens who enjoy high-tech culture, we are both fortunate and unfortunate, Numerous visual graphics sweep
our brains day by day, with certain psychological hints in it, which invade our daily life and ideology. Are we really
happy and enjoying it? Why we are often confused? How should we face, to avoid or to meet the bullets which
"mercenaries" fire us from the super modern civilized society? Anyway, we cannot receive the joy from victory, but
always experience anxious and restless instead. Although we are far away from the weapon wars, we also lose the
ability of joy and revelry. In the work "mercenaries", I tried to use the surreal images to arouse the deep thinking on
the social life.

- Work is my vessel, and image is a microcosm of modern society. I am not the modern person who escapes from
fast food, but a member who is enjoying its shortcut and convenience. So i chose three most typical things as the
screen elements : hamburger, fries and sexy beauty soldiers. The target I used them is that I hope it can alert us
that we are being invaded by the modern civilization quietly nowadays, and the culture wars stage everyday. Scientific
weapons have impacted our life in every respect. Who an survive from the shoots net created by the troops ? Faced
with the living dilemma, how can we accept the challenges and set out to create our new culture?

- Work is my vessel, by which I can express myself in the most proper way. The container made of glass is full of
water and colorful sweets, which may have the function of making people exited and undelighted. Lies and stressful
romance can be detected in this work, so can the ridiculous lines and meaning less screaming. From a far distance,
those so-called arts, designs and entertainment art not symbols but reality. Photo are is good at this, together with
glass vessels, mutually reflecting the world. The visualized thoughts are as vivid as lightening in a flash.

-Work is my vessel, by which I create a new vision world. It was so cold in the winter of 2008 that even the hot fast
food could not warm my frozen body. It is a changing world, with the existence of the financial crisis.

- Tsunamis, and earthquake. My body quivering because of coldness. I completed my work named as the "coldness".
By its very nature, this picture is easy to understand, a combination of reflection and obscurity. As you can see, I have
drawn the lessons of our daily vision experiences, which have left a deep impression on our mind. Maybe the portray
in a flash is not useful enough to exhibit my awareness, but time and scene and the combination of them can be
utilized to display the deep thoughts. Most of us have the same kind of experiences that we are inclined to build our
dream buildings by our dreams, with the ideal love expectation. The bigger the building is, the more powerful explosion
instruments are needed to explore it. All the visions in different dimensions are overlapped, brilliant and beautiful,
which can not bear the impact of civilization, collapsing in all of a sudden.

Why I choose transparent glass and crystalline water in the fantastic world of fairytale? Because cold could turn water
into ice which carries complex and mix-up factors that expand at low temperature and burst out expand at low 
temperature and burst out from container in the very end. I can firmly hold up the banner of Supermodernism to make
this era: an era that modernism break through classicism, go through postmodernism and keep striding ahead ; an
era that traditional and nontraditional art conceptions fuse together; a post-tech era of humanity returning and art about
the authenticity of life; an era that art is not just only for nobles but every single person in the universe can take a part.
We use art to express, images as the carrier and photo one carrier and photo one carrier to another ( if need to classify).
I think I can't be part or stay quietly in some historical room, even the fast food could urge me to set up a new construction/
However, we already put out a warning against fast food and call for green and organic in food industry. We should act in
that way even better in artistic creation.

When you flash back to the every single symbols in my works, you will fell that they are so real and vivid. Because of that
we have to bury them under the busy life for the sharp pain they could arouse in our heart. This year, I gave my new works
a poetic name -- " a banyan , a city". The inspiration came from a journey on my own. At the time I traveled to to the city
in the most southeastern corner of China-- " Fuzhou". I was attracted to it which called as "Rongcheng" which means
"city of banyan trees." Honestly speaking, I was attracted by the banyan for its dogged vitality. IF there has plenty sunshine
and rainwater, the tentacles from this special trees, as soon as which fall to ground, could take roots and grow into an
an entire new tree. So i started virtually reflection, reflected on my mission as a visual artist. That would be superficial
if we only focus on depicting the branches and leaves, we should fall from top of the tree and touch the ground to derive
nutrients, like Titan gain power from earth-mother, and become strong enough to resist the vanity and emptiness. In the
end we can build a whole new beautiful Roncheng in this visual art world and bring an organic and gorgeous coat for the
beautiful blue globe. The modern world gives us too many choices, and chances to be chosen. In this case we are easy
to lose ourselves in the transient and flourishing scenery and forget to pursuit the eternal and ultimate real life. As my
understanding of the art, society and life gradually developed in depth, I realized that at the very moment we interpret
the pure essence of humanity after inquiring the real nature of life through the phantom prosperity, we will be shocked by
the most splendid view and music frozen in time.

Towards the genial sun in this summer, rainwater is still adequate, the beautiful Rongcheng is just not only retaining in my
dreams but also in my works.