Park Sung Tae: [127]

Art­Gate Gallery is hold­ing the first New York solo exhi­bi­tion of Park, Sung Tae. Mr. Park will be fea­tured in a two part series on Feb­ru­ary 24th to March 9th fea­tur­ing his horse and bronze works and on March 10th to March 30th fea­tur­ing human wire mesh works.

Artists are faced with and end­less chal­lenge to test the lim­its of visual arts by exper­i­ment­ing with tech­niques and con­cepts in order to break through the con­fine­ments of their respec­tive con­tem­po­rary gen­res. Paint­ing, instal­la­tions, and new media works that are cre­ated down the cen­ter plane have left an ephemeral mark in art his­tory while art­works that tran­scend the con­ven­tional exe­cu­tion of imag­i­na­tion become part of it.

Mr. Park’s sculp­ture have cap­tured the publics atten­tion by infus­ing life to sta­tic struc­tures. His belief that can­vas and paint alone and inad­e­quate in con­vey­ing his per­cep­tion of emo­tion and spirit, has impelled him to cre­ate his cur­rent col­lec­tion. The art­works clearly delin­eate yet enve­lope the inde­pen­dence of the phys­i­cal being and the impres­sion exuded.

The main sub­ject of Mr. Park involves the human spirit, his expe­ri­ences with death and tragedy has engulfed his desires to express the pain and suf­fer­ing that may be for­got­ten when deal­ing with the pass­ing of a stranger. Mr. Park’s work bring about sym­pa­thy from the audi­ence per­son­al­iz­ing the adver­sity. The fig­ures resem­ble a man­i­fes­ta­tion of what the avatar may have wit­nessed dur­ing its life. Although soul­less in iso­la­tion, the work’s ini­tial inan­i­mate rep­re­sen­ta­tion is ulti­mately restored by Mr. Park’s visions.

Mr. Park uses fine wire mesh to cre­ate his instal­la­tions, the del­i­cately woven wires accen­tu­ate the con­tours of the fig­ures while lights pen­e­trate to cast shad­ows. The pres­ence of shad­ows in the back­ground begets the illu­sion of life and motion, lib­er­at­ing the spirit. His cre­ations pro­vide the audi­ence with depth; the hol­low­ness of each fig­ure is revi­tal­ized by the shad­ows allow­ing us to grasp the soul that once inhab­ited the body.

The evo­lu­tion of Mr. Park’s works has taken his wire mesh fig­ures to another level by cov­er­ing the mesh fig­ures to another level by cov­er­ing the mesh with polyurethane and white paint. The opaque form is cloaked in fab­ric that mir­rors the shadow that are no longer vis­i­ble. This incre­men­tal pro­ce­dure cre­ates a facade that encap­su­lates the inner being, cre­at­ing a tan­gi­ble existence.

Park Sung Tae Art­Gate Gallery Feb 24th– Mar 30th, 2011