Peter Gregorio l Westport News: An artist's vision evolves on quest that started in Westport… [395]

Published 07:21 p.m., Sunday, June 17, 2012

Peter Gregorio's quest is to find himself through art.

Gregorio grew up in Westport and, being from a creative family, gravitated early to the arts. He devoured the concepts in "The Power of Myth," Joseph Campbell's1990 book on comparative religion. He has traveled widely in search of inspiration for his work. He has come to understand that he has a social responsibility and that the visual arts are a great way to communicate ideas.

Works by Gregorio, now 45 and a Brooklyn, N.Y. resident, incorporate ideas from physics and philosophy. He likes to "remix" the architecture in his environment, visually. He expresses his artistic vision through... see mor